The OCWC is committed to bringing music for women’s voices to the community, and has performed the following premieres:

Rachel A. Oxley: Breath (world premiere SSAA edition, 2024)

Ruth Huber: In the Forest (world premiere, 2023)

Andrea Clearfield: Tse Go La (west coast premiere, 2023)

Jocelyn C Chambers: Hope is a Strange Invention (world premiere, 2022)

Dale Trumbore: What We Hand Over (world premiere, 2020)

Joan Szymko: Water Women (world premiere, 2017)

Kirke Mechem: We Can Sing That! (world premiere, 2012)

Ethan Sperry: Barso Re (world premiere arrangement, 2012)

Ruth Huber: Winter (world premiere arrangement, 2011)

Sharon Farber: When Music Sounds (world premiere, 2011)

Dale Trumbore: Tribute (world premiere, 2010)

Joan Szymko: My Soul Magnifies the Lord (world premiere arrangement, 2010)

Ryan McSweeney: Herself a Rose Who Bore the Rose (world premiere, 2009)

Angel Lam: Oh Stars, From the Abyss: A Letter from Qiu Jin (world premiere, 2008)

Sheena Phillips: One Yeir Begins (United States premiere, 2007)

Ruth Huber: To My Excellent Lucasia, on our Friendship (world premiere, 2007)

Arr. Stephanie Feder: Eli, Eli (world premiere, 2007)

Ryan McSweeney: Pied Beauty (world premiere, 2007)

Johannes Somary: Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church (west coast premiere, 2007)

Hilary Tann: Contemplations 21, 22 (west coast premiere, 2007)

Alan Terricciano: Jasmine; Cosas Alegrias; Canon (world premiere, 2004)

Malcolm Forsyth: Auyuittuq (Southern California premiere, 2002)

Raymond Egan: Increasing December (world premiere, 1999)