Adopt a Singer, Soprano 2 – Lauren Melville: California Newcomer!

by Allison Hieger

Lauren is excited to join the OCWC for her first season. “I joined the OCWC because I’ve been in a choir essentially my whole life, and after being in Newport for a while and feeling a bit lost, I knew exactly what I was missing,” Lauren says. “Chorus was my home in college, and every Tuesday evening thus far I’ve been unbelievably grateful to have found this group of women.”

Lauren moved to Newport Beach from Cambridge, MA after going to school in Ohio (Kenyon College, where she double majored in Spanish and psychology) and growing up in Atlanta. “I’ve hopped around a lot. Before relocating to the west coast, I was working as a residential counselor at McLean Psychiatric Hospital in a treatment center for adolescent girls with borderline personality disorder. I moved as part of my self-proclaimed “life hiatus,” drawn by the warm weather and overall slightly less emotionally cold environment.”

Lauren LOVES hiking and spending time outdoors, and spends every waking moment planning for the time when she can get a cat, which she has preemptively named Owen. She is among many kindred spirits in the OCWC, hikers and cat-lovers alike!

Welcome to California, Lauren. We’re so glad you’re here!

Adopt Lauren

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